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Big Po3 Announcement!!

2009-08-24 16:48:07 by DND-Productions

I'm not a member of Power of Three whatsoever! In fact, I'm not related to it in any way, shape, or form!

...just thought you should know.

Obama wins. Yay.

Oh, and I'm Canadian.

Check out this breaking news story:

Amazon flash mob mauls Spore DRM

It seems EA has completely failed. Not only is the game much more mediocre than promised, the copy-protection has earned it a ONE STAR user rating on Amazon. DRM gives users only three installs of the game before they have to buy a new copy or contact customer support. I was going to buy the game, but now I won't.

Plus, this hassle of copy-protection did not stop hackers as the game was cracked ONE DAY after release.

Instead of stopping copy-protection, EA has just driven more people to game cracking. Marvelous job.

WTF? Seven?

2007-07-19 21:02:13 by DND-Productions

I noticed that the age on my profile was 7 because I hadn't entered a birth year. Some other people seem to be experiencing this too.
Uh, maybe someone should alert the bug fixers.

The Letter Q

2007-07-19 20:15:42 by DND-Productions

Well, I've got a few new projects to share.

Firstly, my work on Rolling Adventure 2 is coming along nicely. I'll have some pics soon so you can see wtf I'm talking about.

Secondly, the redisign rocks, and has given me ideas for a new game. You'll learn more about when I get off my lazy butt and start actually working on stuff.

Thirdly, I've also started work on an RPG Tutorial for all the noobs out there who want to create their own Final Fantasy style game to wow their friends.

I'm also working on Sonic VS. Shadow 3. It should be a huge improvement over the last one, by far.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better get back to work on those projects of mine. It's amazing how little time I have to work on stuff, even during summer.

Until My Next Post,
Blaze, Head of DND Productions.

You're probably wondering why a nobody like me is talking about his projects as if he's some big-time worker who has millions of people out there waiting for his stuff.
It's simple. I want people to know that I'm trying not to be some other noob and I want to contribute to Newgrounds. Also, I have a grand total of 3 people who actually liked Sonic VS. Shadow, so I'd better keep them happy.

New Game

2007-07-17 18:09:41 by DND-Productions

So, I'm makin'a new game, not an insult generator. If I ever get around to it, look for Rolling Adventure 2 coming soon!