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Amazing, as expected

Another Homestuck fan popping in to tell you that your work (and the work of the contributing artists and musicans) on this flash was excellent, Hussie. You have once again proven yourself a very talented writer and artist.

Regarding music, as one of the other reviewers asked, it can be listened to and purchased from a link on the What Pumpkin store. Do a google search for "What Pumpkin" and follow the links from there; this particular song is "Cascade" from "Homestuck Vol. 8".

Bad Joke

Not only does this appear to be a racist Flash, that movie is from the ORIGINAL sims and the new expansion pack has already been announced as Sims 2 FreeTime.

FaTNiX87 responds:

No this is the Beta version.. its unannounced

An Awesome Iso Tutorial

That helped me a bunch, I'd never known how to make iso stuff before. The graphics got a ten because it was an iso tutorial with iso graphics. Pretty self-explanatory. It had good sound, and I just gave everything else 9's because it wouldn't look right to add zeroes just because there was no vioence or humor.

A suggestion for the next one, maybe show us how to make the insides of buildings?

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Awesome. One Word. Awesome.

A great addition to the Shift series. I enjoyed the addition of a better plot, while keeping some classic levels in the game in the form of user-submitted levels. If there is a Shift 4, I can't wait for it.

Too bad the secret character was a lie. Just kidding; Mel Gibson is pretty damn awesome.


That was an aweome game.

It was quite funny, insanely weird, but a 100% done well game. The ending was totally worth it, but I have just one question. Two, really.

A.) Can you actually find the secret room?
B.) Is this secret room a reference to the one from LoZ: ALttP?

NAveryW responds:


A.) Yes.
B.) Yes.

The Number Is ALWAYS 36...

I tried it three times, and I'm sure if I did it 30 times the results would be 36 every single time. This is one of those weird math tricks that I've read about in countless "Random Facts" books.

A nice flash, good graphics and such, and a nice song, but really, if the answer is the same every time it gets old fast.

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